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October 14, 2015by by RWT


This is RWT Denver - Richard Wise Technologies , is a Digital Name Branding and Internet Advertising Agency in Denver, Colorado focusing on the creation of competitive advantage through Internet Marketing. Due to the exponential growth of The Internet, competitive advantage is a business necessity in terms of sales, service, marketplace knowledge, proficiency, innovation and deliverability.

The initial promise of the Internet was a level playing field. It was designed, from a commercial aspect, to provide an opportunity for small businesses to compete right alongside larger companies. In other words Advertising and Marketing for FREE! That ship has sailed. The idea that "all we have to do is be on the Internet” is exactly correct if you have no competitors, however if your business is competitive, what will it take for your company Website to “muscle” its way to the top of your Internet category? “IT” is the answer but it’s not “information technology”, rather instead... “Internet technology" and no matter what anyone else says, its not free!


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September 18, 2015by RWT


Internet statistics show that the number one use of 90% of web users is e-mail, followed by "SEARCH" as the second most popular use of the Internet. Over 100 million people use the Internet as a form of communication AND to search for goods, services and information. According to Denver based Internet Marketing and Advertising Technologist Richard Wise, "there is a way to gain a 'digital competitive advantage' but technology is the required investment".

For small businesses there is very little argument that falling ad revenue is leading to the apparent demise of newspapers. Circulation is dropping because many people are not getting their news from newspapers. When circulation declines ad revenue drops. There is also not much argument about an obvious lack of Yellow Page usage. Many traditional advertising agencies have enjoyed a real time, "disconnect" with the consumers of their clients. They are creative and media buyers in the "good old boy network". Many small businesses do not even have an advertising budget let alone an ad agency. The mantra from traditional advertising agencies is "test, test, and test" to track and see what works.

From the Silicon Valley point of view, small businesses without an ad budget are prime candidates for failure or at the very least doomed to suffer from little or no growth. Call 303-265-1649 ...

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March 31, 2015by Technologist


Richard Wise has been acknowledged as one of the World's Ten Most Recognizable “Silicon Valley Digital Advertising Technologists" according to search industry leader Google, and as a top-ten global “Digital Advertising Technologist” by Redmond, Washington Search Giant, Microsoft ( “The technology is complex, but the mission is simple: to help organizations gain and leverage 'business *competitive advantage' through online trackable and measurable metrics”. By focusing on the creation and publication of essential technologies, volumes of unstructured information is created every day, “I enable clients to access and use their own valuable resources that would otherwise be lost to them. I accomplish this by building **enterprise software applications on a proprietary Platform, which offers the most powerful search and information retrieval technology in the world”.